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FitClimb users keep asking us for guide and other recommendations so we’ve put a list of reputable services we’ve identified through our community and friends.  Officially we can’t endorse any specific services but our founder Ali would be comfortable using any of the services listed:

Pacific Northwest-based/ Worldwide Trips:

KAF Adventures

Kaf Adventures is a dedicated community of professional outdoor recreation guides who love educating and developing other outdoor enthusiasts into confident climbers and mountaineers. Yet, we will do more than guide you; we will equip you with life long skills to continue building on throughout your life's journey. We offer a systematic educational approach to mountaineering training in the heart of the North Cascades.

We also offer guided experiences on mountains throughout the world.

From indoor rope handling courses and wilderness backpacking trips to ice climbing and bouldering in India, KAF Adventures offers courses, guides and custom adventure travel for every climbing level. With guidance and education, beginners are transformed into experts with the ability to join our community on amazing excursions to international climbing destinations like Thailand, Mexico and Africa.

In addition to our enthusiasm for the outdoor adrenalin sports, KAF is also passionate about providing a space for quiet reflection and personal growth. Through our yoga and backpacking day and overnight trips, our community is able to step away from the chaos of modern life to be reunited with the wonder and beauty of the natural world.


Chamonix Mont Blanc Guides

Chamonix Mont Blanc Guides was conceived by a group of professional Chamonix high mountain guides with the same aspiration and objective - to allow people the best possible chance of climbing and summiting Mont Blanc or the Matterhorn by offering a choice of course which can be matched to the level of each individual client.  All CMBG guides are bilingual and live at the foot of Mont Blanc, sharing the same passion, knowledge, and experience of the mountains.  They have 3 Mont Blanc courses that are part of a summit attempt - 6 days, 4 days and 2 days with prices starting at €950 per person.  Each course is designed for different clients based on their fitness level and mountaineering experience.

Northeast US:

Discover Outdoors

Discover Outdoors is the premier adventure outfitter for city dwellers. Leading thousands of explorers each year since 2004, our goal is to remove the barrier between city-livng and nature-loveing by making the outdoors accessible.  Wheather you are a first-time hiker or rock climber, or a thrill seeking explorer, you can find a local day trip or multi-day adventure arround New York and the northeast on our year-round calendar.  You can even travel the world with us.

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