Does anyone have a climbing wall/gym in their home?  If so please share some pics and hints on construction.

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Nope - but designing one.  What are your ideas?  Hope to have mine built in the next few weeks.

We just built one on our shed, check it out

Our next step is to figure out how to do a strong enough overhang as we have about a dozen holds left over.

Don't hesitate to add pics of your wall once it's done.

I just built one a few weeks ago in my garage. 80 sq ft. 10-1/2' tall. 30 degrees. I just used 2x4 construction aside from the top plate where I went 2x6. We haven't seen any flex at all. All the instructions we've read said to use 2x6 or 8. Ours is solid for the size.


Check out Metolius's website. They have good instructions in a pdf on building one.


Terrible iphone pic of mine. Sorry, I couldn't rotate it and blurry but will give you an idea. It's now completely full of holds.




Good info on this home rock climbing walls site. Hold giveaways for subscribers too.

Nice, I plan on building one great way to have a fun workout.


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