I'm 48, 5' 10'' and weigh 12.5 stone. I get out maybe once or twice a week on my bike, anywhere from 5-17 miles around the Calder valley, with plenty of hills to climb. My problem is I find it a struggle on the steeper climbs and my legs feel like jelly at the top of some cof them whereas the other guys seem to be sprinting away. It's not as if my lungs are collapsing or anything... just the tops of my thighs seem burned out. Any suggestions for either improving my technique, or any exercises that will strengthen my legs?

Please help

Thank you

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I noticed leg strength was sometimes a bottleneck for me, mostly on slab or big mantles. So I made a concentrated effort to start training it a bit over a month ago. Back then I wasn't even close to doing a single pistol squat. Now I can do probably ~8 with an added 10kg. I feel like it has helped a ton with those exact issues I had with certain slab problems previously.

What I did to work up to pistol squats was to simply hold on to something while doing them (I used a TRX band).

I would do like 5 reps in sets of 3, and then do shrimp squats and catcher calf raises. I did this on average 3 times a week I think.


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