I'm following the 6 week beginner plan and I noticed 40 minutes of stairs as part of the workout. Does that mean a Stair Master or regular stairs? I have a Mini Stair Stepper but I don't think I could do it that long(you can't set the resistance and I don't think my knees(I'm over 50) could hack it that long). I live in Maine and there's giant hills everywhere. What about going up and down a hill for 40 minutes instead of using stairs?

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Hi.  I am new here 61 yo I live in Alaska.   I'm going to start the Beginner Plan next week I am still recovering from a long, long undiagnosed thyroid condition.   I know where you are I miss all that granite.   I have a 400 ft hill between me and the office at a 25% grade.  I'm going to use it; it is right there.    I see your post is nearly 2 months old can you share what you actually did and how it worked out?   

I did a combination of stairs and hills. I did step ups going up two steps at a time and step downs. My knees haven't felt this good for a long time. I climbed a pair of 4k's in the western Maine mountains and my knees didn't have pain afterwards.

Back in my former life I had a boyfriend with a house outside South Paris.  I used to go to NH and peak bag.   Gotta long way to go before I go 4k again.   


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