So I am planning on climbing Rainier next June('14) and am thinking that I will begin to seriously train in Jan., though still using the time until then to hike/increase my level of fitness. I am basically looking for a 6mth training plan and was wondering how the Rainier Training Plan that you have on your site could be applied/ are there other training plans out there that you know of? Thank you!

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Thanks for bringing this up.  We're in the process of prioritizing our features for fall, 6 and 9 month fitness plans are on the list.  I'll let you know when they're live.  In the mean time I recommend you use the last of the good weather we have here in the Pacific Northwest to get some outdoor elevation hikes in.  Mt. Dickerman, Granite Peak, Bandera, Mailbox Peak, Snoqualmie Mountain, and top of Rail Road Grade are all good options.   You might even be able to slide in a hike up to Camp Muir (but bring warm clothes and essentials).


Hi Ali-

Thanks for the quick response! I really appreciate it. Definitely let me know when the 6 and 9 month fitness plans are ready~

Thanks again


I will be climbing Rainier next June ('14) too but for my honeymoon! I live in Houston, Texas where there is absolutely no snow/ice and absolutely no mountains. I'm nervous and trying to figure out the best ways to go about training. I just found this site and I hope it can help with its training advice.

Hi! I live in Houston too and want to climb next summer ('19). How did you end up training and how did the climb go?? Charlotte


Free Training plans:
Hiking and Backpacking
6 week beginner plan

General Mountaineering:
Intermediate Plan 12 weeks

Mt. Rainier 12 week plan:

Mount Rainier Training Plan

8 Month Mountaineering Training & Fitness Plan

Meal Plans:
Backpacking and Climbing Meal Plans

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