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Fitclimb's purpose is to help hikers, climbers, and mountaineers maximize their experience and stay safe in the outdoors. Ali started Fitclimb after hearing stories of others who were technically experienced but ending up in deadly situations. Being a good climber or hiker does not mean a person is ready for emergencies or wilderness survival situations. Climbers and hikers can improve their chance of success and safety with a some key principals:

1. Having Skills and Knowledge.

2. Being in Peak Fitness.

3. Wilderness Tools and Apps.

4. Sharing Experiences and Choosing the Right Partner(s)

Planning on climbing a mountain similar to Mt. Rainier, Kilimanjaro, or just hiking the Grand Canyon? A hiking, climbing, or mountaineering social network is a great way to connect with other and learn. This social network's main focus is to help beginner and intermediate recreational hikers and climbers.

Founder- Ali Alami learned his outdoor skills as a SERE instructor in the US Air Force for 8 years where he instructed pilots and other Department Of Defense personal on how to survive in different environments with little equipment. Ali spends much of his free time traveling, hiking and climbing. Ali is a certified Wilderness First Responder. His summits include climbs in the Cascades, Mt. Rainier, and Kilimanjaro.

Since leaving the USAF he’s worked in the high tech industry in various management roles, currently the cofounder and CEO of the Cairn app.



Sirima Svastisalee helps manage the day to day operations of FitClimb. She holds degrees in culinary arts and nutrition. She also works at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle as a Dietech. Sirima enjoys hiking, mountaineering, and Travel. Her summits include Mt. Rainier, Mt Hood, Mt Baker, Mt Adams, and Mt Shuksan.





We are committed to helping climbers achieve their personal goals safely and enjoyably. Climbing and outdoor activity can be dangerous and lead to injury or death. Information on Fitclimb are expressed opinions, and Fitclimb or its members cannot be held liable for advice or content. You further understand that Fitclimb recommends consulting a physician before partaking in physical activity.


FitClimb is a registered Limited Liability Company in WA State.  Articles, pictures, videos, and other content on this site are copywrite protected and may not be used without written permission of LLC.



Free Training plans:
Hiking and Backpacking
6 week beginner plan

General Mountaineering:
Intermediate Plan 12 weeks

Mt. Rainier 12 week plan:

Mount Rainier Training Plan

8 Month Mountaineering Training & Fitness Plan

Meal Plans:
Backpacking and Climbing Meal Plans

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