Mountaineering Fitness Plans


6 Week Beginner Mountaineering Training Plan

This is a training plan that gives you a roadmap of activities to do to get in shape for trips similar to climbing Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Baker, Mt. Shasta, Half Dome, or the Grand Canyon. View the plan.



12 Week Intermediate Mountaineering Training Plan

This is a conditioning plan that focuses on getting you ready for summit attempts of up to 5000 feet of elevation gain per day at moderate elevations. Use it for standard routes up Mount Rainier(also see Rainier specific plan), Mont Banc, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Adams, Mt. Whitney, etc... View the plan.



8 Month Advanced Mountaineering Training & Fitness Plan

This fitness plan builds on the 12 week plan to get you ready for major peaks and expeditions below 21,000 feet or 7000 meters.  It includes training climbs similar to summits for the 12 week plan and training at altitude.   View the plan.



Backpacking and Mountaineering Meal Plans. These are 2, 3, and 4 day meal plans and recipes for multi-day trips in the outdoors. These meal plans are optimized for nutrition, high energy, light weight and easy to pack, tasty, and have been field tested for easy preparation.

Free Training plans:
Hiking and Backpacking
6 week beginner plan

General Mountaineering:
Intermediate Plan 12 weeks

Mt. Rainier 12 week plan:

Mount Rainier Training Plan

8 Month Mountaineering Training & Fitness Plan

Meal Plans:
Backpacking and Climbing Meal Plans

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