What's the windiest situation you were in?  

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Mt Shasta in the winter.  We were attempting Sergeants Ridge, we piled about 100 lbs. of rocks inside our tent to keep it from blowing away.  We turned back because of the high winds - even on the lee side.  When we got back the tent had been blown way down the hill.  Fortunately only the floor was torn up and a small rip in the wall. 

McKinley ( Denali ) at only 11,000 ft at the base of motorcycle hill on the west buttress. A crystal clear evening we could hear the wind coming in waves like a freight train we estimated 60 to 70 mph. All 3 of us braced our backs against the windward poles of the North Face Ve 25 hoping it would not blow the tent and us off the mountain.

In Croatia, Paklenica gorge. And the wind is called Bura (known for having strong gusts, blowing from land to sea)


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