Camp Tofu shepherd’s pie

Why I like it? Lots of flavor and hearty, helps me sleep warm in colder environments.

14-18 ounce package of baked tofu
14 ounces of dried or dehydrated mashed potatoes
1 packet of powdered mushroom sauce or gravy
1 cup of dried mushrooms
½ cup of dried mixed vegetables like peas, carrots, and corn.
½ teaspoon vegetable bouillon
¼ teaspoon of sage
¼ teaspoon of cumin
Dash of salt and pepper
¼ teaspoon of dried thyme
1 teaspoon olive oil

At Home:
Combine all dry ingredients except potatoes in a quart sized zip lock bag. Using a pen write “add one cup of water” on bag. Add potatoes in their own quart sized zip lock and write “Add two cups of water” on it. Store oil in small leak proof container. Dice Tofu, put in separate zip lock and freeze till last minute before packing. Can also leave in sealed package and freeze to dice in camp.

In Camp:
Dice Tofu; bring 3 cups of water to rolling boil. Add 2 cups of hot water to the potato bag and one cut to the vegetable bag. Close both bags well. Squish the potato powder and set bags aside. Heat oil in a pot and sauté the tofu for two minutes or brown on all sides. Remove from heat and add vegetables (do not drain fluid) to tofu. Stir well, Add mashed potatoes, and stir again.

For other backpacking and trail recipes visit the FitClimb food discussion forum.


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