In 2012 December, I attempted to climb Kilimanjaro with my two daughters and the blog is about the overall experience.

The Plan

The idea for climbing Kilimanjaro came in after figuring out where to visit during the winter of 2012.  Since we had not visited "real" Africa (visited Morocco and Egypt), decided to put our foot prints there too.  One week Safari seems to be fine but needed to find something to do for another week, and that's when the idea of climbing Kili came into the picture.  You may ask why not relax in Zanzibar !  I am not a big fan of relaxing during the vacation ;-)  Also, why should go to the beach in Zanzibar if I can go to beaches in Mexico or Hawaii.

After some research, decided on the Machame route because:

  • Best success rate and better scenery (compared to other routes)
  • Real camping on the trek and most challenging route (want to build stamina before the final push ;-) )
  • More tour operators support this route

Choosing the Tour Operator

My main source for research and choosing operators is TripAdvisor.  I started sending out request for 7 day Kili climb and 7 day safari quotes to about 10 operators.  The list of operators that I found are from the book "Kilimanjaro : the trekking guide to Africa's highest mountain" and the  list of operators with positive feedback in TripAdvisor.  The price quotes that I received from these operators varied anywhere from $3400 to $6000 for the two week trip...more at My Kilimanjaro trekking story

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