Great Video from Graham Zimmerman. A story of injury and recovery in the mountains.

In June of 2011 I was crushed by falling ice while climbing in New Zealand.

14 months later in August of 2012 I returned to the big mountains with good friends Scott Bennett, Blake Herrington and Forest Woodward. We headed to the gorgeous Waddington Range of British Columbia where we found near perfect weather and amazing rock walls.

This film attempts to portray the frustration of that injury and the joy of returning to the mountains.

Producer/Director - Graham Zimmerman

Director of Photography - Forest Woodward (

Camera hands -
Forest Woodward (
Graham Zimmerman
Blake Herrington
Scott Bennett
Nick Neiman

Music by
Onward Ect.


Grants from the American Alpine Club and the New Zealand Alpine Club helped make this trip happen.

Huge thanks to those guys along with my sponsors:
Outdoor Research (
Boreal Boots (
Julbo Sunglasses (
Second Ascent Seattle (
CiloGear (

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