We hike a lot ( mostly in Australia) and hence not too used to really cold weather hiking. Last year were in ladakh doing Markha Valley and attempted to climb Stoke Kanghri which is at 6000 Mts. The day we decided to summit was cold, snowing and windy. I managed to reach 5700 mts or so, and crossed the glacier, but walking up the snow clad mountain was too much mainly because of my toes and fingers going numb. We turned back. We are planning another tough one next year and want to pick up the right gear now :) 

The gear we have - good quality meindl ( german) hiking boots with very good grip, water proof etc. When we did the hike, I had a cotton liner and a wool outer socks. Subsequently have realised that both need to be woollen.  We did not have good gaiters, so we bought some local stuff, and found the snow did get in through them :(  My gloves were not that great either. 

These hikes are not really climbs with any techincal aspects, however are challenging due to weather and the snow conditions. Given this, what type of gaiters/Gloves should I get? 

I was looking at the OR crocodile Vs Verglas, will the Verglas do? 

With gloves I am really confused and would like some thoughts 



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I recommend OR, but I'm from WA state where OR is based and have always used them, never tried Verglas.  You could consider getting mitten shells with glove liners, this will allow you to layer.

Love OR Gloves and Gaiters but they can be expensive.  If your hands get cold up high I'd go with Mittens or Mitten liners from OR and then an extra pair of gloves you can fit in them.  This way you can also use hand warmers between the gloves and mittens.  Something like the OR Metamorph with PL 400 or PL sensor gloves.

Thanks guys. Appreciate the replies. At this stage of our lives ( we are now in our 50's) I want to be sure I will be warm eough to coplete the trek/whatever I plan) than save a few dollars :) SO I will get ourselevs a pair of OR gaiters and gloves when we are here in the US. As you can imagine with no such weather in Aus, we do't get too many options :)


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