Where to get elevation gain on the East Coast/South East?

We've gotten several questions on good summit climbs/trails for elevation training, mostly members from members who live in the eastern and south eastern US.  If you know a good hike with 3-4000 feet or more of elevation gain in the South, South East, East Coast, or even Mid West let us know by listing them here.

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Mt. Mitchell, Burnsville, NC

Mt. Mitchell Trail: Length: 11.4 miles. Elevation gain: 3689'

New Hamphire is the spot. The White Mountains include Presidential Mountains that range from 3,000 all the way to 9,000. This summer my hiking group and I will attempt the Presidential Traverse, which is a 23 mile and 9,000ft elevation gain hike. Brutal but FUN!!! Hikes to train for that would be in the Catskills in New York. Some great locations which range from beginner/easy to moderate to strenuous. The Catskills also have ice caves that are great to climb down. Other locations in New York would include the Adirondacks or even Minnewaska State Park (great history). Right at home for me is the Appalachian Trail that ranges from Georgia to I think Maine. You could get a variety of distances and altitudes from that. Sorry for only Northeast locations, that's really where I hike but if you get a chance definitely go to New Hampshire

The Devils Path in New York's Catskill Mountains and the Great Range traverse in NY's Adirondack Mountains are considered two of the most difficult single day hikes in the country.  I will be using portions of the Devil's Path (Indian Head, Twin Mtn, etc.) to train for a single day traverse of the 25 mile Adirondack Great Range which will include roughly 17,600 feet of elevation change. 

Great tips, Thanks!


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