I am planning a trip to Nepal and Tibet for this fall, 2017. I made this trip in 2014. I'm 63 now, but will be 64 by the time I leave. I'm looking at the fitness workouts here, just signed on for the beginner level. On my last trip, we didn't really do much trekking, only a 3 mile trek up to Everest Base Camp on the Tibetan side. It wasn't difficult except for the final 100 meters or so, which was very steep and icy. Most of the rest of our trekking involved climbing thousands of stairs at monasteries, temples, shrines, caves, etc. We joked about how Buddhism was a very steep religion! This time around we will be spending a bit more time in Nepal and doing a one or 2 day trek in the Anapurna region, in addition to all the stair climbing in Tibet. I don't think it will be all that much of a challenge in terms of altitude gain on the trek itself (we have asked our agent to give us something for old, out-of-shape folks -- LOL), but anything at altitude is challenging for those of us who live at sea level (Texas). We will be taking time to acclimatize, so no worries there. I was panicked about being in shape on our first trip because I was fearful of dying on a mountain somewhere in Tibet! Well, I don't have that fear as motivation this time around. Maybe I should, but I don't. I'm finding it difficult to get motivated to shift my diet and really get into workout mode. I have never liked getting hot and sweaty, especially now that hot flashes and night sweats seem to be worse when I do. I need some other motivation. This is all a mind game for me, it's clear. Any suggestions on how to shift my attitude would be greatly appreciated!

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Sounds like a great trip.  To stay motivated I recommend shifting your diet to healthy foods that you enjoy and it's ok to reward yourself in moderation with other foods.  As for fitness I find that varying your workout to reduce boredom is best.  Spend some workout days outdoors, long hikes in new places. Also going with a friend or partner would help.  


3 tips:

As we get older, finding motivation can sometimes be harder than when we were younger: We have less to prove to ourselves.  One of the fundamentals of motivation is knowing 'your why', why are you doing this.  You need to know why you are going to Nepal, why are you trekking, why you are working so hard, etc.  Bring your why to mind when you don't feel like doing your workout or when you want to quit. 

Second is doing the dishes. Huh??  We all do chores of some sort, dishes, laundry, mowing the lawn... These are not glamorous or exciting, we just do them.  Same with your workout.  Just do it.  

Third tip is visualizing.  Picture the trek, picture yourself bounding up the hills, or relaxing in the mountain serenity - use what works for you.  I couple this with music; I turn on my ipod and hit the trail, I can be anywhere I want in those moments and I feel great when I'm done.


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