90% of avalanches affecting people are triggered by people. For anyone active in the snow, whether snowboarding, skiing, mountain climbing, snowmobiling or hiking, FitClimb Avalanche Safety Evaluator is essential to help you evaluate risks and avoid danger.

FitClimb Avalanche Safety Evaluator converts your Android mobile device into a Clinometer (slope meter) so you can accurately gauge the angle of a slope. It also helps you determine avalanche risk level and includes vital tips to avoid and survive an avalanche.


FitClimb Avalanche Safety Evaluator includes:

  • Avalanche Evaluator: step-by-step guide that uses the latest avalanche research and statistics to help you establish risk level.
  • Built-in Clinometer: instead of carrying a separate device, it uses the gyroscope in your mobile device to measure slope angle – essential for determining snow slope stability.
  • Works everywhere: The Avalanche Evaluator and Built-in Clinometer features work without Internet connection or cell coverage.
  • Avalanche Guide: Informative text and images on how to avoid and survive avalanches. 
  • Quick links: Find out the latest with links to country and regional avalanche safety bulletin information (needs reception or internet)
  • Videos on Avalanche safety and how to survive one. (needs reception or internet)

Check it out on the Android Marketplace online or on your phone.  



Special Thanks to FitClimb member Philippe in partnering on the app and coding.

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