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5 Off-Road 4x4 Camping Tips

4X4 Camping is a great way to access and save setup time when climbing spots in many parts of the world. It allows a climber or hiker to maximize the time enjoying the wilderness.

One of the most important aspects to consider while you roam the beaten tracks, but often neglected, is the vehicle- the 4x4 itself. After all, it is inside it where drivers spend most of their time and make the most important…


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Top Tips for Solo Hiking

One of the joys of hiking is doing it with other people. Especially training for mountaineering, but with busy work schedules and life, it's sometimes hard to find partners to consistently go with. You shouldn't let this stop you. Here are some top tips for hikers that are especially important for solo hiking.

Risk tolerance

Know your limitations…


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The Top 10 Things You Will Gain From Your First Mountaineering Experience

1. Increased fitness. It’s not easy hiking up snow with a heavy pack for hours on end and doing it at high altitude. Mountain climbing is one of the most physically demanding sports there is. However, if you’ve trained properly, most of your fitness gains will come before your big climb. 

 When training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, I spent two hours a day training during the week and got out every weekend on mountaineering trips in the Cascade Mountains. Shortly after, I beat my…


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Our Favorite Climbing and Backpacking Meals

Creating your own backpacking meals can be an easy and cost-effective way to enjoy the trail. You also get to enjoy great food and learn new skills. The main challenge that overwhelms some backpackers is finding lightweight ingredients that are easy to prepare, packed with energy, and are non-perishable. 

 Here are ten favorite trail recipes: 

1. Breakfast of Oatmeal, Walnuts, and Blueberries…


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52 Hike Challenge

FitClimb was recently introduced to the 52 Hike Challenge, we think it’s a great program for inspiration and fitness for mountaineering.


The 52 Hike Challenge founded by Phillip and Karla as to inspire and encourage individuals to step outside their comfort zone in order to achieve the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits…


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The 12Peak Challenge

This is a cool project FitClimb recommends others check out and contribute to:

12 mountains. 30 days. This summer a team of six college students will be climbing 12 Cascade volcanoes and making a full length documentary on both their journey and the effects of climate change on these mountains and their shrinking glaciers. While challenging themselves physically and mentally for this journey, the team also hopes to spread awareness of climate change and…


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Barre Based Workout for Climbers with Physique 57

The family and I were recently on vacation in Bangkok, which is pretty flat, congested, and not conducive to outdoors workouts that a climber or mountaineer needs.  We were looking for a great workout that would keep us in climbing shape when we found out about a demo class through friends at Physique57 Bangkok, which is opening in January of 2015. …


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When is the best month to climb Mt. Rainier?

This along with what is the safest month to climb Mt. Rainier is a popular questions from our members.   Late spring and summer are when conditions are best, starting in May and ending in September.  Realize conditions on the mountain change weekly and may be different from year to year but generally you can expect the following in each month:



Much of the mountain is still in deep snow, even at the parking lot.  Most of the crevasses are covered…


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The 6 Most Common Ways To Die In The Mountains

With the start of the climbing season we're already hearing about fatalities in the mountains.  On April 13th, 2014 there was an avalanche on Mt. Everest that killed 13 Sherpas.  

This week we've had two separate fatalities in the Pacific Northwest first a climber on…


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7 Mistakes To Avoid on Trail Runs

Trail running is fun alternative to hiking for those with limited time.  It is also one of the best ways to train for mountaineering, as the uneven ground on a typical trail will work muscles similar to those used in climbing and hiking.  The key is to prevent injury, stay safe, and get home.  Here are 7 mistakes to avoid when trail running:

1.  Not leaving your plans with a reliable person.  You should tell someone where you’re running, including the trail, distance,…


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Finding Shelter in an Emergency

Beyond clothing shelter is anything that protects a person from environmental hazards such as rain, wind, lightning, snow, cold, insects, and more.   Shelter helps you maintain a 98.6 body temperature, stay dry, and warm.   When most people think of shelter in the wilderness they imagine a tent, spend enough time outdoors and you’ll find that in most situations you aren’t carrying or have easy access to a tent.  Think about the last time you hiked, were on the summit of a mountain, skied, or…


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How to Tell How Far Things Are in The Wilderness

Not only is this a good skill to woo friends with but its useful in navigation and outdoors.  Take a look at the following picture, can you tell how far different land features are?    Here’s a general rule that works in areas with trees, you can use trees as a reference point for pin pointing the distance of other objects.



  1. You can see individual…

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How a Pregnant Climber Summited Mt. Rainier

Mountaineering while pregnant isn’t most people’s idea of fun, my circle of friends is different.  Several pregnant friends have recently asked me if it’s ok to hike at altitude or climb while pregnant, my wife Sirima and I get asked this because friends have heard about our mountaineering experience climbing Mt. Rainer when she was 12 weeks pregnant.  My first comment is I’m a guy, climber, and survival expert, but that doesn't make me an expert on pregnancies at altitude…


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Using Wild Berries to Get through a Survival Situation

Most modern day wilderness survival situations tend to be less than 48 hrs.  In these cases berries and bugs tend to be your best source of food for sustaining your energy level and moral to buy time and get rescued.  They’re easy to gather, don’t need other equipment, and fairly abundant when spotted.  When leveraging berries as a food source keep in mind this simple berry rule which is easy to remember.…


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Favorite Apps for Training and Outdoor Fitness

People often ask me what tools I like to use when training, hiking, and climbing.  I love how technology has made it easier to get and stay fit.  Here are my top 5 favorite apps. 

Note: I have an iPhone now but most are available on Android and other devices.  Also don’t forget this earlier post on The Best Outdoor Apps.

1.   …


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How to Successfully Summit Kilimanjaro and Get Back Safe

Kilimanjaro 19,341' (5,895 m), the highest mountain in Africa was one of my favorite trekking experiences and a mountain that people ask me about often when it comes to training and preparation. That’s why I’ve decided to write down some tips specific to a successful Kili summit and safe return.  I’m not going to get into too much of route descriptions, standard equipment, etc… but try and keep it to unique recommendations for Kili.

Although Kilimanjaro is not a particularly difficult…


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What equiptment you should pack for snowshoeing (daytrip)

Essentials to pack for Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is becoming more and more popular, not only is it fun but it’s a great way to get in shape or stay in shape during the winter. I find that snowshoeing for 5 miles is as good a workout for me as hiking 10. I’ve come across many people snowshoeing on the trail who are hours from the trailhead with no backpack and minimal gear. I think they’re taking an unnecessary risk. Mother Nature is much less forgiving in the winter…


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Got a story to share?

FitClimb is looking for guest and other bloggers, contact Ali for more info.

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Avalanche Safety App

90% of avalanches affecting people are triggered by people. For anyone active in the snow, whether snowboarding, skiing, mountain climbing, snowmobiling or hiking, FitClimb Avalanche Safety Evaluator is essential to help you evaluate risks and avoid danger.

FitClimb Avalanche Safety Evaluator converts your Android mobile device into a Clinometer (slope meter) so you can accurately gauge the angle of a slope. It also helps you determine avalanche risk level and includes vital tips…


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Top Outdoor Smartphone Apps

Forrester research recently released  results of a study that showed  17% of US adults used smart phones in 2010 and numbers expected to increase by double digits in the coming years.  Iphone and Android, the most popular devices each have hundreds of apps that can be useful to those venturing outdoors, especially hikers and backpackers.  I’m a big fan of good apps for the outdoors and wilderness.  A good outdoor app allows me to save on weight and combine functions in a multi use tool. …


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