Introducing Fitclimb Mobile For Iphone

Fitclimb has a mobile version of the site. When connecting via your smart phone you can now invite other climbers and friends, upload pictures in real time (as long as you have connectivity), view news feed updates, view and add discussion forums. Here’s a few things I recommend you do when
climbing or hiking if you have reception:


  • Upload your summit picture as real time status of your climb progress for others to check. Imagine sending a summit picture for anyone to monitor your climb from the summit, route up, base camp, or trail.
    Realize the following Pacific Northwest Mountains have good summit reception: Rainier, Adams, Mt. St.Helens, and most in Central Cascades.
  • Each member has a personalized FitClimb e-mail to send pictures to. The subject will become your picture title and the body will be the description. You can get your personal e-mail address to send pics by going to Photos --> Add a Photo and view the lower right side of the page.

  • Ask questions via the discussion Forum on your way to the field or in the woods.
  • Invite people you meet on the trail or climb to FitClimb.

Note: Keep an eye out for more mobile features and Apps. We’re in the process of developing an Android App that will help you stay safe in Avalanche country.




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