I am booked for a trip to attempt Mera Peak in Nepal in April. I am looking at which Fitness Plan would fit best for this trip. I feel that the 12 week plan is too short but the 8 month plan too long to be able to stick with it successfully what with work, possible injury or sickness etc etc. Is there a 6 month or 24 Week alternative plan on the website that I can't find or is it easy to adapt one of the existing plans to work for a 6 month period? Any suggestions most welcome. Cheers James

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Hi James,

It depends on your current fitness level and how much you've been getting outside. Also, recommend taking a look at  especially because Mera is above 6400 meters.  Hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply.

Hi James. Im planning on doing Mera Peak in October. I was curious to know how you did on the trip and what program you recommend now that youre an expert ;^) I started the rainier plan on this site, so far I like it.

Hi Sean

My climb is in April so I've not actually done it yet (not an expert just yet) :-). In terms of training I took the 12 Week Mountain Training Plan and use it as a rough guide to the levels and frequency of exercises I should be doing but choose some of my own stuff to augment it. Basically Strength 2 x a week and Cardio 4-5 x a week. Fitness Bike, Stairclimber, HIIT and Weights are my staples. I'd prefer to do Running 3-4 x a week but I am nursing an achilles injury so have to avoid the impact from the running. I've 9 weeks left until the climb now. I will also soon be starting training at The Altitude Centre doing some hypoxic training and IHE sessions. I do this about 5 weeks out from an expedition for pre-acclimatisation purposes. Hope that helps.

James, did Covid derail your trip?  If not let us know how it went...

Hi Marcus

Yes unfortunately the trip was cancelled due to Covid 19 as almost everybody's has this year. So all that training and just at the point that I was about to peak got derailed. Motivation to train at such a level has waned somewhat as the months have passed and the realisation that the trip is not happening this year has added to the malaise. But hopefully next Spring things might be different and the long awaited trip will be twice as sweet as a result. Mountain days in the UK have been non-existent so far this year but I'm hoping for some outings in late summer/early autumn to help scratch the itch.


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