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Alaska Expedition 2011

Here are a series of Blog post from Mark Allen's and my trip to the Central Alaska Range this Spring, it was an amazing trip defined by adventure, strong friendship and wild climbing. Enjoy!

Dispatch one - Lacuna Glacier

We wanted to give you a call real quick and give you our one week update on our expedition 2011 on the Kahiltna Glacier. First of all when we first got here we dug in our camp at the Kahiltna landing strip and immediately set out on a six day… Continue

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Nepal 2010 - Expedition

Post # 4

I lay on the teahouse bed admiring the beautiful and well varnished

carpentry that composes so many of these amazing mountain structures.

I am back in Lukla the location of the predominate airstrip in the

Khumbu. Bathing and chores completes I left to hang about in another

tea house.

I ponder…

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The house is clean, my bags are packed time to RALLY!

With me is going everything I will need for the next 3 months in the Himal, climbing, cooking and sleeping gear. Stuff to keep me entertained while I am stuck in the storm and stuff to document the journey.

Planes will take me to Katmandu via HongKong and then one more to Lukla, at the edge of the mountains, where I start walking.

Psyched to get…

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Training: For Expedition Climbing

Training with a goal in mind is the easiest way to perpetuate motivation and to maximize potential. In the case of training towards an expedition, creating a goal is not a challenge and a time scale is easy to design based on the departure date of the trip.…


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Torres Del Paine "Living the Dream Expedition 2010"

excerpt from…

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Techno Music (Short Story)

Moon over the Graham and Ian on a day ascent of The Nose - Tom Evans (…

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Winter in the Rockies (2007)

As I pull up to the final belay I look over the overwhelming beauty of the Ghost River Valley of Alberta, Canada and only one thing comes to mind, “life’s so rad”. The line from the preamble of the classic “Sweater Song” by Weezer could not more perfectly sum up the landscape that lays before me. We have just finished the classic Sorcerer, one of the finest pieces of ice I have had the privilege to climb. It is my partners and my last climb in the… Continue

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Training Techniques

I started this article with the intention of designing the perfect training program for those folks whipping their bodies into shape to climb mountains. After much fafing about I decided to reconsider my intention and rather bring up some of my own techniques for training that can be incorporated into a program. This is partially because I myself do not have a clear “program”. I train in the time I have allocated and push hard on the muscles… Continue

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Keeping Your Fingers and Toes

A few days ago I found my self halfway up the Northeast face of Mt Andromeda in the Rockies of Alberta Canada on a route called The Andromeda Strain. It was -15°C, spindrift was falling heavily onto me and I was stuck to a belay for nearly two hours while my partner battled with the snow covered mixed crux of the route… oh the joys of winter alpinism.

During this time I was able to work diligently on my techniques for avoiding frost bite. So I thought that I might… Continue

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Making your own ‘GU’ (that’s organic!)

GU, the fuel that propels many of today’s fast and light ascents. It has application to many sports and activities and if used correctly can be an excellent way to push the body farther in endurance activities such as alpine climbing.

This is a very simple recipe for making your own energy gel, it is very similar to the CliffShots (one of the many brands available). It is my personal favorite since it is so easy to make and can be made out of all organic… Continue

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Climbing in the Kichatna Spires of Alaska

This is a copy of a post from my personal blog ( that I thought some folks might enjoy...

The fabled Northern state, Alaska. The journey was wild, and despite not completing our proposed objective an amazing time was had...

After successfully getting to Anchorage with all of our luggage Ian, Ryan and I bought a rather large pile of food and caught a ride to the wonderful little town of Talkeetna and… Continue

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