Post # 4

I lay on the teahouse bed admiring the beautiful and well varnished
carpentry that composes so many of these amazing mountain structures.
I am back in Lukla the location of the predominate airstrip in the
Khumbu. Bathing and chores completes I left to hang about in another
tea house.

I ponder the last couple of weeks. In the past I have been on
expeditions which have come out unsuccessful but this is different.
For days I sat in my tent looking upon beautiful skies but was
withheld from soloing by dangerous snow conditions over crevasses (not
terrain for a soloist) and the lack of a partner.

Hayden is very strong and motivated young man but this time the
developing world got the best of him. Even after a retreat to Namche
he was still not in shape to climb. So after 2 solo attempts I packed
our gear and went trekking. While wandering I saw many beautiful
mountains and devised many plans for future attempts. But alas the
trip in the Gokyo has come to an end.

But! The main event is yet to come! A recovered Hayden and Mr. Cory
Richards arrive today in and we will head back into the mountains.
With all of our combined strength, psyche and knowledge regarding
conditions in these mountains I feel excellent about the coming weeks.

But for now I am left to hang out and ponder.

Post #2 - Flying to Lukla

It seems the the climatic changes that have been taking place the world over have also been affecting the
Nepali Himal... During this time of season the Monsoon would normally
be long gone but it is still hanging around by bits and pieces. This has
meant that we have had to hang in Kathmandu for 2 days more than
expected waiting for a flight to Lukla. Most of this time has been spent
hanging out in the airport trying to get out, goofing around listening
to music and being mellow. In the evenings we have been hanging with our
man Jiban from Sherpa ShangriLa, eating good food and generally causing
a ruckus.

But it seems that at long last we are getting out of here and into the mountains. Psyched!

Below are links where our general weather forecast can be checked:

Keep track as we are in there trying to send on the beautiful Kyajo Ri and PhariLapcha.

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Comment by Ali Alami on November 14, 2010 at 12:01pm
Posting this update from Graham which I recently recieved:
Alone, walking through the Khumbu twilight; Cho Oyo ahead, Chalotse
Behind. The sun is long gone from the valley but the fresh snow on the
high peaks reflects it down around me.

My day has been spent attempting a push on the SE face of Phari
Lapcha. Hayden came down sick on the last attempt requiring a run of
antibiotics and a drop in elevation. So while he recovers in Namche I
am left to climb alone.

The attempt had started in the early morning walking from basecamp in
Gokyo down to the village of Machermo and up a valley above town. The
attempt had been thwarted by a broken glacier covered in the same
fresh snow now shining light on my evening path. It was terrain that
would have been appropriate for a climber with a partner and a rope
but not for a soloist.

So I was turned around… Well before the technical terrain that would
have brought comfort, speed and the joy of physical exertion.

A few hours later in the darkness I reach Gokyo once again. The stars
are exploding above; before heading into the teahouse I sit and look
upon them. Happy to be safe and finished walking.

Inside I sit by the fire, the matriarch of the teahouse brings me
milktea and is very happy to see me back safe and sound. I am
eternally grateful for her friendship and motherly instincts towards
me, the lone climber living in the tent outside.

Tomorrow is another day.

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