FitClimb was recently introduced to the 52 Hike Challenge, we think it’s a great program for inspiration and fitness for mountaineering.


The 52 Hike Challenge founded by Phillip and Karla as to inspire and encourage individuals to step outside their comfort zone in order to achieve the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits that come from getting outdoors.   Phillip and Karla created the program based on their own life experiences, challenges, and love of the outdoors.


Members commit to do an average of 1 hike per week or 52 per year.  Hundreds of people from all walks of life have taken up the challenge and this video is a good overview:

Here’s how it works (more details at


  1. You make a personal commitment to do the challenge.  The Challenge’s website contains a plethora of planning information on hiking trails in various areas, tips on fitness, connection to groups, and more.

  2. Sign up on the 52 Hike Challenge website.

  3. You share your commitment with others especially friends and family.  Sharing a goal is a good way to firm up commitment and increase the chance of success.

  4. Get out and hike.  It doesn't have to be a hike on their website but any hike you choose (although they have great recommendations on California), then use the 52 Hike Challenge hiking log to keep track of your hikes.

  5. Share your accomplishments on social media and with the 52 Hike Community by using #52HikeChallenge.

  1. You're Done - You won’t regret taking on the challenge and now you're ready for some bigger peaks.

If you do decide to take on the challenge you can swap out any of the days in a FitClimb fitness plan for a day of hiking with the 52 Hike Challenge as a way to get in shape for mountaineering. The best way to get in shape for hiking and climbing is to actually do it.


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