6 week beginner Mountaineering and backpacking training plan

Here's a rough 6 week training plan to get in shape for hiking/mountaineering. This will is a good plan for getting in shape to climb Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, or a 2 day back pack trip with less than 4000ft of elevation gain. Some things to remember when following this plan:

1. It really helps to have a heart rate monitor and follow the suggested MHR.

2. This is just a roadmap, not everyone is the same or has the same needs, tailor it to your needs. The important thing is to get out and try and work out weekly.

3. I left out details on exact stretches, exercises, and weight training to follow. Be creative and change out your workout to stay interested.

4. it’s best to recruit a partner when training to stay motivated.

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6 week beginner training plan

Happy and Safe climbing.

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