Equiptment List -Day hike in Pacific Northwest

Essential equiptment for a day hike (Pacific Northwest)

Having the right equipment can not only help fulfill a hikers survival needs when things go wrong but prevent a minor situation from escalating. It’s important to know how to use your equipment. Also it’s best to select items that are multi use. A t-shirt can be used as a bandage to stop bleeding, tied around ankles to absorb dew from plants for water, filter muddy water, used to cover your head in heat or cold, etc… Here are some essentials I always carry in my pack, even on day hikes in the summer:

1. Extra clothing – Gortex top and bottom, extra socks, hat, gloves, if below 55F extra jacket.
2. Water bottle with water and purification or iodine tablets
3. Map and Compass
4. Torch-Headlamp with extra batteries
5. Pocket knife
6. Fire starter –recommend a magnesium stick similar to the Swedish Fire stick which can ignite a spark
when wet, won’t break and is equivalent to about 15,000 matches.
7. Medical kit- A simple adventure medical kit costs less than $15
8. Whistle- A good one can be heard several miles away
9. Cell phone in a zip lock and charged, don’t rely on it having reception.
10. Space Blanket- can be used to keep warm or as a signal
11. Sunglasses
12. Sunscreen
13. Food


Trash compactor bag – to keep the contents of your backpack dry in rain/snow, if your small like me you can use it as a shelter if you get in the fetal position.
Line- I like 550 lb cord which is strong, can be braided for a stronger rope, can be separated into smaller strands for fishing or dental floss.
Wire saw – used for firewood, shelter or signal construction, etc…
Extra water
Insect repellent in summer.
Emergency food

There are few absolutes in survival situations so use judgment in tailoring your equipment to where you’ll be. The most important things to bring are your wits, knowledge and will to survive.

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