Favorite Apps for Training and Outdoor Fitness

People often ask me what tools I like to use when training, hiking, and climbing.  I love how technology has made it easier to get and stay fit.  Here are my top 5 favorite apps. 

Note: I have an iPhone now but most are available on Android and other devices.  Also don’t forget this earlier post on The Best Outdoor Apps.

1.   MapMyRun – Let’s you keep track of running routes, distance, pace, time.  It’s also good for recommending routes in your area.  I like that while I’m running a voice calls out information on distance, time, pace every mile.  Also has a food log and tracks calories burned.  You can share your workouts with friends for bragging rights and to help keep you motivated.




2. – I love books but rarely have time to read them.  A funny thing happened when I started listening to audio books on runs.  I started running much further just to hear the next chapter.  Now I usually start off with a little music to get my rhythm then switch to a book on my audible app.

 3. –This is a great app for quickly finding and filtering trails and scrambles for those weekend training sessions.  I like that the AllTrails App has a nearby feature, I can filter and sort by elevation gain,  family, etc… then track my hike time, distance, etc…  similar to MapMyRun.  AllTrails is also a good backup GPS and Map if you have reception on the trail and the trail journal helps with notes you want to remember.  The design and usability of this app is top notch.  My only issue is even with over 40,000 trails in USA, their database still lacks content.  In my area, just north of Seattle about 50% of my favorite hikes were not listed.  I expect with time this will improve.

 4.  Swim Speeds – This is basically similar to MapMyRun but for swimmers.  Swim Speeds allows you to track your swim distance, time, pace, calories, heart rate, and more.  Export your swim history to excel via a CSV file.  Allows for facebook and twitter sharing.


 5.  Evernote – I got hooked on Evernote on my day job.  Evernote allows you to capture anything like notes, videos, photos, tag and organize, then access anywhere.  I use the Evernote App for trip planning, equipment lists, meal plans , or to jot down notes of things I see on the trail and enlightening thoughts that enter my head during workouts.  Great design and ease of use.

Got a favorite workout or outdoor app?  Reply to this post and let us know.

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