I'd like to gather a list of what people consider the best places to hike, climb, backpack, and trek worldwide. Some that come to mind for me are the Grand Canyon in Arizona, North Cascade portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, The Lycian way in Southern Turkey, and climbing Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Do you have a favorite hike? it can be short or long?

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One of my favorite hikes in Washington is Maple Pass/Lake Ann in the North Cascades. I like taking my relatives (from Chicago) because within hours you can reach Alpine views. It's a 7.5 mile loop with beautiful flowers and vast views of the snow-capped North Cascades. It's an easy hike, so kids can enjoy the trip too!
Great idea Ali! Some of the ones that stand out for me are along the Airport Road in Sedona, Arizona, The Olympic National Park, just about anywhere! We backpacked into Grand Valley this past summer down from Hurricane Ridge, The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, and The Cabot Trail along the ocean in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Thanks for asking, it was great to revisit these places in my mind.
one of my favorite hikes is in Canadian rockies. It is Lake Agnes Teahouse hike ( Fairly moderate hike. One of the highlights is that we could see the avalanches happening so far.
My favourite is the Roop Kund trek in Uttarakhand, India and the Chadar Trek in laddakh. But the most difficult is the Kalindi Khal trek .


Have you done the Kalindi Khal Trek? We are planning on it next year . We did the Kauri pass, and Markha valley in Ladakh. Any where in Himalayas is awesome :)

No but sounds great, definitely share your pics after you go :-) Thx.

Great, I wish to see it someday. Thanks for sharing.


ajit chauhan said:
My favourite is the Roop Kund trek in Uttarakhand, India and the Chadar Trek in laddakh. But the most difficult is the Kalindi Khal trek .
Indian Air Force team doing the 7 summits is presently attempting denali in alaska. the have reached BC and summit attempts will start in two days.
Can we discuss any business proposals? are there any people wishing to climb in india?
Mt Olympus and the Baileys,
This has to be my all time favorite mountaineering/climbing trip. Must be since I've done it over a dozen times!
It requires a week commitment in time but well worth it.
Start with a journey up the enchanted Hoh rain forest. Rope up for glacier route finding and travel on an incredibly glaciated masiff below 8,000 ft. Bring a small rack for a low 5th class rock climb on the summit of Mt Olympus West Peak. Climb up and over Middle Peak, a Class 3 scramble, and descend the Hoh Glacier to Camp Pan. Traverse through Blizzard Pass on to the Humes glacier and descend into the spectacular Queets Basin. Keep your eyes out for Bear, Elk, Goats. From here there are several options: 1. Out the Snow Finger below Dodwell Rixon Pass and out the Elwha, 2. Along the Baileys to via Lone Tree pass to Mt Ferry and our Dodger Pt. 3. Continue across to Mt Carrie and out the Sol Duc with a stop at the hot springs for a soak. I don't think it gets any better than that! For beta see the Olympic Mountain Climbers Guide on line. Or buy the book written by , you guessed it, yours truly, along with 6 other members of Olympic Mountain Rescue.
Tony D
favourite Hike so far Tour du Mont Blanc. Passes through france, Switzerland, Italy and back into France, very busy in the smmer, but a very doable long distance hike for novices. I camped while on this trip for 7 days (full tour taes 11) but you can go hut to hut and have a warm meal, drinks and a bed everynight.

Sounds like my kind of trek... Do the huts also have showers? I agree with the hiking around Mont Blanc. Spent a week in Chamonix a few years back and loved it. Did a few day hikes in and around the Mt Blanc.


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