Barre Based Workout for Climbers with Physique 57

The family and I were recently on vacation in Bangkok, which is pretty flat, congested, and not conducive to outdoors workouts that a climber or mountaineer needs.  We were looking for a great workout that would keep us in climbing shape when we found out about a demo class through friends at Physique57 Bangkok, which is opening in January of 2015. 

My wife had heard about Physique 57s unique blend of barre-based exercises with intervals of cardio, strength training, stretching, and recovery.  She really wanted to try it, as a guy I was bit hesitant at first but decided to give it a go after we were lucky enough to get in with a day notice.

The class started off with a variety of arm workouts to lively music, the instructor was energetic and skilled at correcting our techniques, half way through leg workouts I felt really challenged and thinking the burn was on par with the toughest rock gym walls.  There were also several poses during seat workouts that improve balance and leg strength, which is critical for climbers.  By the time we ended the core exercises, which focus on your arms, legs, seat and abs, and stretched (57 minutes later) we were both beat and sore for days.  Total body workout!

From now on we’ll be incorporating Physique 57 exercises into our strength and balance training.  We did two sessions in the studio and a few at home, most people see results in 8 sessions, had we have more time in Bangkok, we would have gone back and log in couple more.

Tip- The new Physique 57 Bangkok location allows drop-ins tourists and is in a high-end mall (The Erawan Bangkok –494 Ploenchit Rd.  Chit Lom BTS stop) with lots of great food options for post workout.

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