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Finding Shelter in an Emergency

Beyond clothing shelter is anything that protects a person from environmental hazards such as rain, wind, lightning, snow, cold, insects, and more.   Shelter helps you maintain a 98.6 body temperature, stay dry, and warm.   When most people think of shelter in the wilderness they imagine a tent, spend enough time outdoors and you’ll find that in most situations you aren’t carrying or have easy access to a tent.  Think about the last time you hiked, were on the summit of a mountain, skied, or…


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How to Tell How Far Things Are in The Wilderness

Not only is this a good skill to woo friends with but its useful in navigation and outdoors.  Take a look at the following picture, can you tell how far different land features are?    Here’s a general rule that works in areas with trees, you can use trees as a reference point for pin pointing the distance of other objects.



  1. You can see individual…

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How a Pregnant Climber Summited Mt. Rainier

Mountaineering while pregnant isn’t most people’s idea of fun, my circle of friends is different.  Several pregnant friends have recently asked me if it’s ok to hike at altitude or climb while pregnant, my wife Sirima and I get asked this because friends have heard about our mountaineering experience climbing Mt. Rainer when she was 12 weeks pregnant.  My first comment is I’m a guy, climber, and survival expert, but that doesn't make me an expert on pregnancies at altitude…


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Avalanche Safety App

90% of avalanches affecting people are triggered by people. For anyone active in the snow, whether snowboarding, skiing, mountain climbing, snowmobiling or hiking, FitClimb Avalanche Safety Evaluator is essential to help you evaluate risks and avoid danger.

FitClimb Avalanche Safety Evaluator converts your Android mobile device into a Clinometer (slope meter) so you can accurately gauge the angle of a slope. It also helps you determine avalanche risk level and includes vital tips…


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Snowshoe basics

Snowshoeing is one of my favorite winter sports. It’s a fun way to stay in shape in the winter, continue to hone one’s outdoor skills in cold weather conditions, and an opportunity to experience some of my favorite trails that would otherwise be inaccessible. There also isn’t much to learning how to snowshoe the techniques are very close to walking and come natural to most people. If you already hike you probably have most of the clothing and gear needed, the main cost is renting ($10-$20) or… Continue

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Nepal 2010 - Expedition

Post # 4

I lay on the teahouse bed admiring the beautiful and well varnished

carpentry that composes so many of these amazing mountain structures.

I am back in Lukla the location of the predominate airstrip in the

Khumbu. Bathing and chores completes I left to hang about in another

tea house.

I ponder…

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Introducing Fitclimb Mobile For Iphone

Fitclimb has a mobile version of the site. When connecting via your smart phone you can now invite other climbers and friends, upload pictures in real time (as long as you have connectivity), view news feed updates, view and add discussion forums. Here’s a few things I recommend you do when

climbing or hiking if you have reception:…


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A Common Thread - Yoga Day Hike with KAF Adventures & LauraNidra Yoga

A little over a year ago I returned from three months of travel in Bali…


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Training: For Expedition Climbing

Training with a goal in mind is the easiest way to perpetuate motivation and to maximize potential. In the case of training towards an expedition, creating a goal is not a challenge and a time scale is easy to design based on the departure date of the trip.…


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Developing A Survivor Mind set

Most people realize that a person’s mental state and attitude play a big part in survival situations. I don’t believe a strong mind is something we are born with but developed through our environment and experiences. In my opinion a strong survivor mind set is the single most important factor to success in survival situations, climbing, sports, work, and life. What does this really mean? Here are some factors that help define a good survival frame of mind. The main focus of this article is to… Continue

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10 tips for getting rescued, Signaling and Communication in the wilderness

Calling for help or getting rescued in the wilderness is not something most of us want to do, but spend enough time outdoors and chances are you’ll experience some type of emergency. When it comes to using your cell phone and getting rescued, here are10 tips you can follow that will help rescuers find you quickly, assist them, and get you out safely. A quick rescue increases the odds of survival and can reduce exposure to rescue parties. Communication and signaling play an important role in… Continue

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