In the 8 month training plan, some of the headings tell me to focus on interval training. There's no specific directions for this. When it tells me to do 80 minutes of cardio at 85% MHR, am I supposed to interval train with this number for a specific time interval and then another interval at a lower heart rate? Or am I supposed to do 80 minutes at 85% the whole time?

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I'm currently on my last week of month 2 and I can't believe how in shape I am compared to when I first started.
Where can I find the 8 month mountaineering plan?
Never mind I switched to the desktop version of this site and found it.

I have a question also. 

Today I did the second workout with the 20 min cardio then 3 x 10 of everything. This took forever, so I ma curious if I am doing it correctly? especially when it goes to 4 sets soon. I curious about the numbering. 40 stepups for 3 sets takes a while, then side steps, down steps...

Also should you do 3 sets of squats then move onto 3 sets of step ups or do you do one set of everything then repeat 3 times? like a circuit?

Clay- Thanks for calling this out, I'll clarify the plan, but it's meant to increase up to 85% then come down till you feel up to pushing back up again. Glaf to see its working and congrats on making it this far.


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