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Funny & Unusual Outdoor Experiences

My friends and acquaintances know I spend a good deal of time outdoors so I’m often asked about funny and unusual experiences. Here’s a few from my Air Force days as a survival instructor. I’d love to hear some of your stories. These are true stories:

Finding salt in the wild

I was a few years into my term as a US Air Force Survival Instructor when 4 fellow instructors and I volunteered for an assignment in Texas to teach wilderness survival to a group of ROTC… Continue

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Snowshoe basics

Snowshoeing is one of my favorite winter sports. It’s a fun way to stay in shape in the winter, continue to hone one’s outdoor skills in cold weather conditions, and an opportunity to experience some of my favorite trails that would otherwise be inaccessible. There also isn’t much to learning how to snowshoe the techniques are very close to walking and come natural to most people. If you already hike you probably have most of the clothing and gear needed, the main cost is renting ($10-$20) or… Continue

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