What is FitClimb?

FitClimb is focused on helping climbers, backpackers, and mountaineers reach their goals and get back safely.  We do this with some key principles:

  • Peak Fitness (Train with Friends).
  • Wilderness Skills, Tools, and Apps.
  • Share and Connect with other climbers & hikers.

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What are your favorite climbs or hikes in the world? 20 Replies

I'd like to gather a list of what people consider the best places to hike, climb, backpack, and trek worldwide. Some that come to mind for me are the Grand Canyon in Arizona, North Cascade portion of the Pacific Crest Trail, The Lycian way in…Continue

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What are your favorite backpacking, climbing, and hiking recipes and why? Looking for meals that are quick and easy to prepare, are high energy, easy to pack and light, and are very tasty and nutritious.

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8 month mountaineering plan question 9 Replies

In the 8 month training plan, some of the headings tell me to focus on interval training. There's no specific directions for this. When it tells me to do 80 minutes of cardio at 85% MHR, am I supposed to interval train with this number for a…Continue

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Fitness Training Plans 6 Replies

I am booked for a trip to attempt Mera Peak in Nepal in April. I am looking at which Fitness Plan would fit best for this trip. I feel that the 12 week plan is too short but the 8 month plan too long to be able to stick with it successfully what…Continue

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Intermediate Plan 12 weeks

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