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6 week beginner Mountaineering and backpacking training plan

Here's a rough 6 week training plan to get in shape for hiking/mountaineering. This will is a good plan for getting in shape to climb Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, or a 2 day back pack trip with less than 4000ft of elevation gain. Some things to remember when following this plan:

1. It really helps to have a heart rate monitor and follow the suggested MHR.

2. This is just a roadmap, not everyone is the same or has the same needs, tailor it to your needs. The important thing is… Continue

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Waste management for Women in climbing harness

Waste Management for Women:

The Urinating Device

By Sheila Messick

Okay gals—you’ve agreed to climb a glaciered mountain with your buddies, but you’re somewhat concerned about “waste management”, especially since your buddies are males and you’re the only one who will have to squat to urinate on the slopes. What’s the alternative? Don’t drink a lot? Sure, dehydration is a little less embarrassing. But you’re no fool—you’ve hiked enough to know that… Continue

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Glacier Grub; What to cook on a climb or backpacking trip

Glacier Grub Made Easy:

Warm, Tasty, & Painless-to-Prepare Dinners at High Altitudes

By Sheila Messick

You’ve got painful blisters on the backs of your heels. Your pack feels like a hundred pounds. And you’re sick of eating trail mix and energy bars. You check your altimeter--2,000 feet of elevation to gain before stopping for the night. Ugh! You silently begin listing what you can look forward to at high camp: the sitting position, the… Continue

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How to beat the blisters on a long hike or climb

Beat the Blisters

By Sheila Messick

Have you ever walked on shards of glass in your bare feet? If you’re sane, probably not. But if you hike a lot, you may have experienced a similar sensation or pain-sation that you want to avoid next time you hike. So what’s the best way to avoid getting blisters on your feet on a long hike? Read this article carefully.

Mistake no 1: I had to learn the hard way. I clearly remember the moment when I made a decision that… Continue

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Equiptment List -Day hike in Pacific Northwest

Essential equiptment for a day hike (Pacific Northwest)

Having the right equipment can not only help fulfill a hikers survival needs when things go wrong but prevent a minor situation from escalating. It’s important to know how to use your equipment. Also it’s best to select items that are multi use. A t-shirt can be used as a bandage to stop bleeding, tied around ankles to absorb dew from plants for water, filter muddy water, used to cover your head in heat or cold,… Continue

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Staying Hydrated on climbs and hikes

Staying hydrated is essential to peak performance and climbing enjoyment, dehydration can cause lagging pace, apathy, headaches, fatigue, and can affect decision making. Constriction of blood vessels due to dehydration makes you susceptible to hypothermia, frostbite, and altitude sickness.

Most athletes understand the importance of hydration but many climbers still end up mildly dehydrated without realizing it. Especially since some of the symptoms of altitude sickness are similar to… Continue

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