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Training Hike Reference

Taking a weekend trip? You might just find me on one of these in the spring.

Tiger Mountain #3

Trailhead Elevation: ~520'

Summit Elevation: 2522'

Gain to Summit: 2002

Length: 5.2 miles

Slope: 770' per mile

Location: Issaquah


This is just a bit of a challenge for beginning hikers and can be taken at a fast pace or with weight for a great training hike. There are two trails to the top, one is the 2.6 mile one way trip… Continue

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The Bork

Bork: When a cyclist completely cracks while training or racing on one particular stage or day.

Borking is completely avoidable. If you have ever watched a professional cycling race, you will see that the riders are regularly eating and drinking. This keeps energy levels up, core temperature down, and the body's cooling system working. The same can happen while hiking or backpacking.

When I hike, I take food and water every 20 minutes or less. By regularly taking water and… Continue

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Basic Navigation: How to read a map

Many outdoor experts place a map as one of the 10 essentials. Even if you’re just following an established trail a map can come in handy for distances and in cases where you might veer off due to the trail being covered up in snow. Many mountaineering routes are in snow or remote area without a permanent trail. Maps are also light and easy to pack, and can be easily downloaded from the internet, is a good site. Many friends I know, including myself carry a GPS loaded with maps… Continue

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10 minute a day rock climbing workout

There are many exercises that are benefit to rock climbers. If you have only 10 minutes a day for a quick work out and want to improve your climbing strength pull-ups should be a priority. Pull-ups help with pull muscle strength vital to most rock climbing techniques. Aim for 3-4 sessions a week. If you can’t do a single pull up start with lat pull downs in the gym and increase the weight till you can pull down close to your own. Another alternative without going to the gym is to use a bar and… Continue

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