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Training Techniques

I started this article with the intention of designing the perfect training program for those folks whipping their bodies into shape to climb mountains. After much fafing about I decided to reconsider my intention and rather bring up some of my own techniques for training that can be incorporated into a program. This is partially because I myself do not have a clear “program”. I train in the time I have allocated and push hard on the muscles… Continue

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Keeping Your Fingers and Toes

A few days ago I found my self halfway up the Northeast face of Mt Andromeda in the Rockies of Alberta Canada on a route called The Andromeda Strain. It was -15°C, spindrift was falling heavily onto me and I was stuck to a belay for nearly two hours while my partner battled with the snow covered mixed crux of the route… oh the joys of winter alpinism.

During this time I was able to work diligently on my techniques for avoiding frost bite. So I thought that I might… Continue

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Making your own ‘GU’ (that’s organic!)

GU, the fuel that propels many of today’s fast and light ascents. It has application to many sports and activities and if used correctly can be an excellent way to push the body farther in endurance activities such as alpine climbing.

This is a very simple recipe for making your own energy gel, it is very similar to the CliffShots (one of the many brands available). It is my personal favorite since it is so easy to make and can be made out of all organic… Continue

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Climbing in the Kichatna Spires of Alaska

This is a copy of a post from my personal blog ( that I thought some folks might enjoy...

The fabled Northern state, Alaska. The journey was wild, and despite not completing our proposed objective an amazing time was had...

After successfully getting to Anchorage with all of our luggage Ian, Ryan and I bought a rather large pile of food and caught a ride to the wonderful little town of Talkeetna and… Continue

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Tips for First-Time Mt. Rainier Climbers

I climbed Mt. Rainier in 2002 as part of a group guided by Rainier Mountaineering, Inc (RMI). I enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and loved the view from the top!

RMI provided our group with a list of general fitness training guidelines, but no specific exercises. I wish they'd done the latter, because I missed a few key areas in my training regimen. In addition, I don't believe I ate exactly the right foods during the climb, which sapped my energy.

I was able to summit… Continue

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Get in hiking or mountaineering shape for that summer trip

Picture yourself on your first mountaineering trip with friends. You’ve spent a month’s salary on equipment, burned 3 days of vacation, and flew 5 hours to get to Mount Rainier in WA State. A quarter of the way up to base camp your sucking air, your legs are cramping, your feeling queasy, and out of steam. You don’t understand what’s wrong; you ran and went to the gym for weeks. Worst than the physical pain is the emotional frustration and feeling that your holding up the others. Now imagine…


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Free Training plans:
Hiking and Backpacking
6 week beginner plan

General Mountaineering:
Intermediate Plan 12 weeks

Mt. Rainier 12 week plan:

Mount Rainier Training Plan

8 Month Mountaineering Training & Fitness Plan

Meal Plans:
Backpacking and Climbing Meal Plans

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