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The house is clean, my bags are packed time to RALLY!

With me is going everything I will need for the next 3 months in the Himal, climbing, cooking and sleeping gear. Stuff to keep me entertained while I am stuck in the storm and stuff to document the journey.

Planes will take me to Katmandu via HongKong and then one more to Lukla, at the edge of the mountains, where I start walking.

Psyched to get…

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Things are rolling

Well it has been a crazy month. I quit my job, got my dream job all in the span of a month. My training has taken a hit but I have to get back on the ball. It is just hard to make time when everything is changing around me. I hope everything is well in Fitclimb land and everyone is enjoying the fall.


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Training: For Expedition Climbing

Training with a goal in mind is the easiest way to perpetuate motivation and to maximize potential. In the case of training towards an expedition, creating a goal is not a challenge and a time scale is easy to design based on the departure date of the trip.…


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Free Training plans:
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