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How a Pregnant Climber Summited Mt. Rainier

Mountaineering while pregnant isn’t most people’s idea of fun, my circle of friends is different.  Several pregnant friends have recently asked me if it’s ok to hike at altitude or climb while pregnant, my wife Sirima and I get asked this because friends have heard about our mountaineering experience climbing Mt. Rainer when she was 12 weeks pregnant.  My first comment is I’m a guy, climber, and survival expert, but that doesn't make me an expert on pregnancies at altitude…


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Using Wild Berries to Get through a Survival Situation

Most modern day wilderness survival situations tend to be less than 48 hrs.  In these cases berries and bugs tend to be your best source of food for sustaining your energy level and moral to buy time and get rescued.  They’re easy to gather, don’t need other equipment, and fairly abundant when spotted.  When leveraging berries as a food source keep in mind this simple berry rule which is easy to remember.…


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